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By tbernardet

29 août 2006

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Because of my psychogeographical way of working, I am very dependent on circumstances. Sometimes I hover insistently around a subject trying to find a response. At other times I try to capture a situation very rapidly and without distance. In the first case the emotion that guides me is diluted by the passage of time. Sometimes it is only a memory. In the second case it is sudden and difficult to identify. When I record an image my awareness of what I’m seeing or feeling is often unclear. Only when I see the photo or the video do I recognize an intention or an expectation. Thus the act of recording constitutes a new and autonomous object of which I do not feel completely the author. What remains of the original attraction and floating attention ends up reflecting a consciousness I was not aware of. My images  form a multi-dimensional space where a variety of mythologies none of which are original blend and clash. They are a tissue of quotations drawn from the innumerable centers of culture. Just like the text you are reading.

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